Indian Tales

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Copyright: This work is in the public domain in the USA only.

"The finest story in the world" -- With the main guard -- Wee Willie Winkie -- The rout of the White Hussars -- At twenty-two -- The courting of Dinah Shadd -- The story of Muhammad Din -- In flood time -- My own true ghost story -- The big drunk draf' -- By word of mouth -- The drums of the fore and aft -- The sending of Dana Da -- On the city wall -- The Broken-Link Handicap -- On Greenhow Hill -- To be filed for reference -- The man who would be King -- The Gate of the Hundred Sorrows -- The incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney -- His Majesty the King -- The strange ride of Morrowbie Jukes -- In the house of Suddhoo -- Black Jack -- The taking of Lungtungpen -- The phantom rickshaw -- On the strength of a likeness -- Private Learoyd's story -- Wressley of the foreign office -- The solid Muldoon -- The Three Musketeers -- Beyond the pale -- The God from the machine -- The daughter of the regiment -- The madness of Private Ortheris -- L'envoi.

36 tales, including "The Finest Story in the World" and 'L'Envoi'