Maintaining Health (Formerly Health and Efficiency)

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Preliminary considerations -- Mental attitude -- Food -- Overeating -- Daily food intake -- What to eat -- When to eat -- How to eat -- Classification of foods -- Flesh foods -- Nuts -- Legumes -- Succulent vegetables -- Cereal foods -- Tubers -- Fruits -- Oils and fats -- Milk and other dairy products -- Menus -- Drink -- Care of the skin -- Exercise -- Breathing and ventilation -- Sleep -- Attitude of parent toward child -- Children -- Duration of life -- Evolving into health -- Retrospect.

Health is the most valuable of all possessions, for with health one can attain anything else within reason. A few of the great people of the world have been sickly, but it takes men and women sound in body and mind to do the important work. Healthy men and women are a nation's most valuable asset.