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My first day in the Orient -- The writing of Kobodaishi -- Jizo -- A pilgrimage to Enoshima -- At the market of the dead -- Bon-odori -- The chief city of the province of the gods -- Kitzuki: the most ancient shrine in Japan -- In the cave of the children's ghosts -- At Mionoseki -- Notes on Kitzuki -- At Hinomisaki -- Shinju -- Yaegaki-Jinja -- Kitsune.

This invisible life referred to by Mr. Mitford is the Unfamiliar Japan of which I have been able to obtain a few glimpses. The reader may, perhaps, be disappointed by their rarity; for a residence of little more than four years among the people—even by one who tries to adopt their habits and customs—scarcely suffices to enable the foreigner to begin to feel at home in this world of strangeness.