Darwiniana; Essays and Reviews Pertaining to Darwinism

By:  Gray, Asa ,
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Source: http://gutenberg.org

Copyright: This work is in the public domain in the USA only.

The origin of species by means of natural selection -- Design versus necessity, a discussion -- Natural selection not inconsistent with natural theology -- Species as to variation, geographical distribution, and succession -- Sequoia and its history: the relations of North American to Northeastern Asian and to Tertiary vegetation -- The attitude of working naturalists toward Darwinism -- Evolution and theology -- "What is Darwinism?" -- Charles Darwin: sketch accompanying a portrait in "Nature" -- Insectivorous plants -- Insectivorous and climbing plants -- Duration and origination of race and species -- Evolutionary teleology.

This rare antiquarian book contains a number of fascinating articles on the contemporary scientific standing of Darwinism. An interesting and insightful collection of texts, this compendium will greatly appeal to those with an interest in evolutionary theory and the history thereof. Articles contained herein include: The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection; Design Versus Necessity –– A discussion; Natural Selection not inconsistent with Natural Theory; Species as to Variation; Geographical Distribution, and Succession; Evolution and Theology; and many more. Asa Gray (1810 – 1888) is to this day considered the most seminal American botanist of the 19th century, most famous for his repeatedly updated work: Gray's Manual. This scarce book was originally published in 1889 and is proudly reproduced here complete with a new prefatory biography of the author.