The Motor Boys on the Pacific; Or, the Young Derelict Hunters

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"WELL, she is smashed this time, sure!" exclaimed Jerry Hopkins, to his chums, Ned Slade and Bob Baker. "What's smashed?" asked Ned. "Who's the letter from'?" for Jerry had a slip of paper in his hand. "It isn't a letter. It's a telegram." "A telegram!" exclaimed Bob. "What's up, Jerry?" "She's smashed, I tell you. Busted, wrecked, demolished, destroyed, slivered to pieces, all gone!" "Who?" "Our motor boat, the Dartaway!" "Not the Dartaway!" and Ned and Bob crowded closer to Jerry. "That's what she is. There's no mistake about it this time, I'm afraid. You know we thought once before she had gone to flinders, but it wasn't so. This time it is." "How did it happen?" asked Ned.