The Childhood of Rome

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Copyright: This work is in the public domain in the USA only.

Excerpt: ...have come and taken his city, the people who obey him now will be glad. But my grandfather is still alive, and he, and not my brother pg 129 nor myself, has the right to rule upon the Long White Mountain. "When my grandfather is again ruler where he has the right, then would I come here and found my own city in my own place where the she-wolf saved our lives. Was she not the servant of Mars?" Colonus nodded thoughtfully. "It would seem so." "Then shall my people be your people, and your gods my gods," said Romulus, his clear voice cutting the rest like the call of a trumpet. The young people on the other side of the square looked curiously at the two, the young man and the older one, so deep in talk, and Remus, laughing, began to play again. It was a sweet and piercing measure that set all their feet flying. Colonus stood up and took his young kinsman by the hand. "You are of our blood," he said, "and your fight is our fight. We have talked of this among us, and have thought that perhaps you would do this. I think that our council will be of one mind with me in this matter. The gods guide you, my son." pg 130 XI THE TAKING OF ALBA LONGA Never in his life had Romulus felt in his own soul the strength of kinship as he felt it after the colonists agreed to join their forces with his. He had made his men into a fighting force when courage was almost the only virtue they had, but there was no natural comradeship between them as a whole. Here were men of his own people, welded together by all the ties of a boyhood and manhood spent together in one place, and they were ready to stand by him to the death. It seemed to give him a strength more than human. Remus was his brother, but he too was different and did not understand. He was no dreamer; he would have been content to go on all his life a shepherd boy or a soldier. But these men understood; they looked down the road of the years to come and planned for their children and...