For the School Colours

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"It's the limit!" exploded Laura. "An atrocious shame!" agreed Janet. "Gives me nerve shock!" mourned Ethelberga gloomily. "You see," continued Laura, popping the tray of her box on to the floor and sitting down on her bed, so as the better to address her audience—"you see, it's been plumped upon us without any warning. Miss Thompson must have arranged it long ago, but she never let out so much as a teeny-weeny hint. If I'd known before I came back I'd have asked Father to give a term's notice and let me leave at Christmas. Crystal clear, I would." "Rather! so would this child." "I guess we all should." "I call it so mean to have sprung it on us like this! I really couldn't have believed it of Miss Thompson. She's gone down miles in my estimation. I can never feel the same towards her again—never! Those Hawthorners! Oh, to think of it!" "What's the matter?" asked a fourth voice, as another girl, still in hat and coat, and carrying her travelling-bag, entered the dormitory. "Irma! Is it you, old sport? D'you mean to say you haven't heard the news yet?" "Only just this minute arrived, and I've flown straight upstairs.