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How the Whale got his throat -- How the Camel got his hump -- How the Rhinoceros got his skin -- How the Leopard got his spots -- The Elephant's Child -- The sing-song of Old Man Kangaroo -- The beginning of the Armadillos -- How the first letter was written -- How the alphabet was made -- The Crab that played with the sea -- The Cat that walked by himself -- The Butterfly that stamped.

In this gorgeous collection featuring eight of Kipling's JUST SO STORIES, each tale is illustrated by a different leading contemporary artist.How did the rude Rhinoceros get his baggy skin? How did a 'satiably curious Elephant change the lives of his kin evermore? First told aloud to his young daughter ("O my Best Beloved"), Rudyard Kipling's inspired answers to these and other burning questions draw from the fables he heard as a child in India and the folktales he gathered from around the world. Now, in this sumptuous volume, Kipling's playful, inventive tales are brought to life by eight of today's celebrated illustrators, from Peter Sís's elegantly graphic cetacean in "How the Whale Got His Throat" to Satoshi Kitamura's amusingly expressive characters in "The Cat That Walked by Himself." From one of the world's greatest storytellers come eight classic tales just begging to be heard by a new generation — and a visual feast that offers a reward with every retelling. Featuring illustrations by:Christopher CorrCathie FelsteadJeff FisherSatoshi KitamuraClaire MelinskyJane RayPeter SísLouise Voce