The Irish Fairy Book

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A Faery Song -- The Coming of Finn -- The Three Crowns -- The Grateful Beasts -- The Lepracaun -- Daniel O'Rourke -- Cuchulain of Muirthemne -- The Boyhood of Cuchulain -- The Legend of Knockgrafton -- The Stolen Child -- The Land of Youth -- The Adventures of Gilla na Chreck -- The Hill-Man and the House-Wife -- The Giant Walker -- The Pursuit of the Gilla Dacker -- Jamie Freel and the Young Lady -- A Legend of Knockmany -- The Ninepenny Fidil -- Festivities at the House of Conan -- The White Trout -- The Wonderful Cake -- The Legend of the Little Weaver -- Mor of Cloyne -- Lawn Dyarrig and the knight of Terrible Valley -- The Horned Women -- The Quare Gander -- The Fairies' Passage -- The King of the Black Desert -- The Piper and the Puca -- The Fairy Changeling -- The Talking Head of Donn-Bo -- The Bracket Bull -- The Demon Cat -- The Abbot of Inisfalen -- Morraha -- The Kildare Pooka -- The King's Son -- Murtough and the Witch-Woman -- The Red Pony -- King O'Toole and St. Kevin -- Lament of the Last Leprechaun -- The Corpse Watchers -- The Mad Pudding -- The Voyage of Maeldune.

Irish fairy tales and legends are full of enchantment, brave deeds and lost loves. Told from generation to generation, they are as fascinating now as they were to their original listeners. This wonderfully rich and varied collection are ten of the best-loved traditional Irish stories, retold by author and poet Una Leavy. The post of Gold captures the trickery and mischief of leprechauns; the story of Oisin in Tir-na-nOg marks the end of the great Fianna. From 2000 years ago comes The Children of Lir. All stories to be treasured for years to come. Susan Field's beautiful illustrations are inspired by ancient Celtic art and culture. They capture the wealth of tradition, the humour and the magic of these great stories. Now available in paperback.