The Pond

By:  Ewald, Carl ,
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Copyright: This work is in the public domain in the USA only.

Carl Ewald (1856-1908) was a Danish author, journalist and novelist, known especially for his fairytales. After making a name for himself as a novelist, he published three important collections of fairy tales: In det Fri (In the Open, 1892), Fem Nye Eventyr (Five New Fairy Tales, 1894), and Die Fire Fjendingsfyrsten (The Four Little Princes, 1896). With these Ewald became the most significant Danish fairytale writer, next to Hans Christian Andersen. His collected works were published posthumously in five volumes: Mutter Natur Erzahlt (Mother Nature Tells, 1910), Der Zweifussler und Andere Geschichten (Two Legs and Other Stories, 1911), Vier Feine Freunde und Andere Geschichten (Four Fine Friends and Other Stories, 1913), Meister Reineke und Andere Geschichten (Master Renard and Other Stories, 1919), and Das Sternekind und Andere Geschichten (The Star Child and Other Stories, 1925).