Thrilling Narratives of Mutiny, Murder and Piracy A weird series of tales of shipwreck and disaster, from the earliest part of the century to the present time, with accounts of providential escapes and heart-rending fatalities.

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Adventures of Capt. Woodward and Five Seamen in the island of Celebes -- An Occurrence at sea -- Loss of H. B. M ship Phœnix, off Cuba -- An account of the Whale Fishery, with anecdotes of the dangers attending it -- Loss of the Brig Tyrrel -- Loss of the Peggy -- Loss of H. B. M. ship Litchfield -- Wreck of the Rothsay Castle Steamer -- Loss of the French ship Droits de L'Homme -- Loss of H. B. M. ship Queen Charlotte -- A Scene on the Atlantic Ocean -- Wreck of the French Frigate Medusa, on the Arguin Bank -- Loss of the Royal George -- Loss of the Æneas, transport -- The Absent Ship -- Loss of the Halsewell, East Indiaman -- An account of Four Russians, abandoned on the Island of East Spitzbergen -- Loss of the Amphitrite, Female Convict Ship -- The Mutineers, a Tale of the Sea -- Fate of Seven Sailors, left on the island of St. Maurice -- Seamen wintering in Spitzbergen -- A Man Overboard -- An Escape through the Cabin-Windows -- Tom Cringle's Log -- Loss of the Nautilus, Sloop of War -- Wreck of a Slave Ship -- The Wrecked Seamen -- Adventures of Philip Ashton -- Explosion of H. B. M. ship Amphion -- Loss of H. B. M. ship La Tribune -- Burning of the Prince, a French East Indiaman -- Wreck of the Schooner Betsey -- Early American Heroism -- Fingal's Cave -- Loss of H. B. M. ship Ramillies -- Preservation of Nine Seamen -- Capt. Ross's Expedition -- Loss of the Catharine, Venus, and Piedmont, transports, and three Merchant Ships -- Wreck of the Ship Sidney -- Loss of the Duke William, transport -- Commodore Barney -- Naval Battles of the United States -- Address to the Ocean.