The Literary World Seventh Reader

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Copyright: This work is in the public domain in the USA only.

Rip Van Winkle, by Irving -- The Great Stone Face, by Hawthorne -- The Courtship of Miles Standish, by Longfellow -- The Friendship of Nantaquas, by Johnston -- Harry Esmond's Boyhood, by Thackeray -- The Family Holds Its Head Up, by Goldsmith -- The Little Boy in the Balcony, by Grady -- Ariel's Triumph, by Tarkington -- The Cloud, by Shelley -- New England Weather, by Twain -- The First Snowfall, by Lowell -- Old Ephraim, by Roosevelt -- Midwinter, by Trowbridge -- A Georgia Fox Hunt, by Harris -- Rain and Wind, by Cawein -- The Southern Sky, by Maury -- Daffodils, by Wordsworth -- Dawn, by Everett -- Spring, by Timrod -- Among the Cliffs, by Craddock -- A Deal in Bears, by Hyne -- Lochinvar, by Scott -- In Labrador, by Wells -- The Bugle Song, by Tennyson -- The Siege of the Castle, by Scott -- Sea Fever, by Masefield -- A Greyport Legend, by Harte -- A Hunt Beneath The Ocean, by Verne -- Under Seas, by Tolstoi -- A Voyage to the Moon, by Poe -- The Great Stone of Sardis, by Stockton -- A Stop At Suzanne's, by Clover -- The Making of a Man, by Locke -- In Flanders Fields, by McCrae -- In Flanders Fields (An Answer), by Galbraith -- A Ballad Of Heroes, by Dobson.

The Literary World Seventh Reader By John Calvin Metcalf