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Lispeth -- Three and--an extra -- Thrown away -- Miss Youghal's sais -- Yoked with an unbeliever -- False dawn -- The rescue of Pluffles -- Cupid's arrows -- His chance in life -- Watches of the night -- The other man -- Consequences -- The conversionof Aurelian McGoggin -- A germ destroyer -- Kidnapped -- The arrest of Liutenanat Golightly -- The house of Suddhoo -- His wedded wife -- The broken link handicapped -- Beyond the pale -- In error -- A bank fraud -- Tod's amendment -- In the pride of his youth -- Pig -- The rout of the White Hussars -- The Bronckhorst divorce-case -- Venus Annodomini -- The Bisara of poorer -- The gate of a hundred sorrows -- The story of Muhammid Din -- On the strength of a likeness -- Wressley of the Foreign Office -- By word of mouth -- To be held for reference.

"First published in 1888, Plain Tales from the Hills was Kipling's first volume of prose fiction. His vignettes of life in British India give vivid insights into Anglo-India at work and play, and into the character of the Indians themselves. Witty, wry, sometimes cynical, these tales withtheir brevity and concentration of effect are landmarks in the history of the short story as an art-form. "from GoodReads