Great Pictures, As Seen and Described by Famous Writers

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Esther Singleton (1865-1930) was a prolific American author, editor and translator. She was musical critic and editor of The Antiquarian. She was the editor of a series of books published by Dodd, Mead & Co collecting subjects “Described by Famous/Great Writers”, including: Great Pictures (1899), Turrets, Towers and Temples (1899), Wonders of Nature (1900), London (1902), Historic Buildings of America (1903), Russia (1904), Japan (1904), Famous Women (1904), The Story of the Universe Told by Great Scientists and Popular Authors (1905), Great Portraits (1905), Holland (1906), Germany (1907), Famous Cathedrals (1909), Famous Sculptures (1910), Florence (1910), Famous Paintings (1911), Egypt (1911), China (1912) and Wonders of the World (1912). Her other works include: The Music Dramas of Richard Wagner and His Festival Theatre in Bayreuth (1898), The Furniture of Our Forefathers (1901), Social New York Under the Georges, 1714-1776 (1902), A Guide to the Opera (1902), Musical Education (1902), The Goldenrod Fairy Book (1903), The Story of the White House (1907), A Guide to Great Cities for Young Travellers and Others (1910), The Children’s City (1910), A Daughter of the Revolution (1915), The Collecting of Antiques (1926), Dolls (1927), Old World Masters in New World Collections (1929) and Shakesperian Fantasias: Adventures in the Fourth Dimension (1929).