Folk-Lore and Legends Scotland

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Copyright: This work is in the public domain in the USA only.

Canobie Dick and Thomas of Ercildoun -- Coinnach Oer -- Elphin Irving -- The Ghosts of Craig-Aulnaic -- The Doomed Rider -- Whippety Stourie -- The Weird of the Three Arrows -- The Laird of Balmachie's Wife -- Michael Scott -- The Minister and the Fairy -- The Fisherman and the Merman -- The Laird O' Co' -- Ewen of the Little Head -- Jock and his Mother -- Saint Columba -- The Mermaid Wife -- The Fiddler and the Bogle of Bogandoran -- Thomas the Rhymer -- Fairy Friends -- The Seal-Catcher's Adventure -- The Fairies of Merlin's Craig -- Rory Macgillivray -- The Haunted Ships -- The Brownie -- Mauns' Stane -- "Horse and Hattock" -- Secret Commonwealth -- The Fairy Boy of Leith -- The Dracæ -- Lord Tarbat's Relations -- The Bogle -- Daoine Shie, or the Men of Peace -- The Death "Bree."

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