The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island

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"Well, if this is a life on the ocean wave or anything like it, I am satisfied to remain on shore." "I knew that the Hudson river could cut up pretty lively at times, but the frolics of the Hudson are not a patch on this." "They said we would not be seasick, but if I am not I don't know what you call it. I don't want it any worse, at any rate." "They said it wouldn't hurt any if you were sick, but I wonder if they ever tried it themselves?" "No, they are like the old bachelors who write about how to bring up children. They never had any, so they don't know anything about them." "Well, if we get much more of this I shall get out and walk." "And I'll go with you, my boy." There were three boys on the deck of a large steam yacht, now about two days out from New York, bound to the West Indies on a voyage combining pleasure and education.