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Philippine, Visayan and Tagalog Folk-Tales, and Bagobo Myths is a collection of works which originally appeared in the Journal of American Folk-Lore, an academic journal published by the American Folk- Lore Society. The journal has been published since the society's founding in 1888. Philippine Folk-Tales (1908) is by Clara nee Kern Bayliss (1848-? ). She was the author of many works, including: In Brook and Bayou; or, Life in the Still Waters (1897), Lolami in Tusayan (1903), Old Man Coyote (1908), A Treasury of Indian Tales (1921) and A Treasury of Eskimo Tales (1922). Visayan Folk-Tales (1906) is by Berton L. Maxfield and W. H. Millington. Tagalog Folk-Tales (1907) is by Fletcher Gardner. He worked amongst the Tagalogs and also wrote Philippine Indic Studies (1943). Bagobo Myths (1913) is by Laura (Estelle) Watson Benedict (1861-1932). She was an anthropologist who spent some time in the Philippines teaching schoolchildren. She also wrote a Study of Bagobo Ceremonial: Magic and Myth (1916).