Grimm's Fairy Stories

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Copyright: This work is in the public domain in the USA only.

The goose-girl -- The little brother and sister -- Hansel and Grethel -- Oh, if I could but shiver! -- Dummling and the three feathers -- Little Snow White -- Catherine and Frederick -- The valiant little Tailor -- Little Red Cap -- The golden goose -- Bearskin -- Cinderella -- Faithful John -- The water of life -- Thumbling -- Briar Rose -- The six Swans -- Rapunzel -- Mother Holle -- The Frog Prince -- The travels of Tom Thumb -- Snow-White and Rose-Red -- The three little men in the wood -- Rumpelstiltskin -- Little One-Eye, Two-Eyes and Three-Eyes.

This collection includes such old favorites as The White Snake, The Table, the Ass, and the Stick, How Mrs. Fox Married Again, Old Sultan, The Six Swans, The Golden Swan, The Queen Bee, The Frog Prince, Snow White and Rose Red, The Three Feathers, The Elves, The Angel Mother and Little Snow-White. (Three CD s)